What’s it like to be an Italian Immigrant?

Learning about the Italian contribution in the world and in Australia in class has been interesting but hearing about the experience first-hand from an Italian immigrant was amazing! This term Year 12 Italian students have been studying the impact the Italian culture has had on the world and Australia.

This week, Rino Pellone spoke to Year 12 students from Santa Maria and CBC about his experience as an Italian immigrant in Australia. Rino, talked to students about his life, coming from Napoli in Italy to a life of big opportunities in Australia.

Santa Maria student Emilia Cottino said, “Mr Pellone spoke in both Italian and English as he spoke about his experiences as an Italian immigrant coming to Australia and the challenges he faced, it was very interesting.”

Students enjoyed the afternoon listening to Mr Pellone talk about the difficulties he faced when he first migrated to Australia. He talked about how he managed to fit into Australian society and make a life in this new country. It was an enriching experience for our students in their studies about the Italian contribution to the world and Australia, said Italian teacher Elena Del Bianco.

Italian student Ava Di Filippo said, “Mr Pellone spoke to us about his fortunate journey and educated us about the life of an Italian in Australia.”

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