Who will be crowned Santa Maria’s 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year?

During Year 7 Humanities & Social Sciences, students have been challenged to come up with a new idea for a product or service that solves a problem or makes life better for people or society.

The project, based on the popular TV show, Shark Tank, encouraged students to develop an idea, come up with a catchy name, conduct market research to find out who their target market is, decide on a price for their product and decide how they are going to sell the product or service to their customers.

Finally, the girls had to deliver a five-minute presentation explaining how their product works and why they think it is a winning idea. As part of their presentation, the girls had to create a visually engaging poster including the key selling points, price and where customers could purchase their product.

During the presentations, a panel of ‘Sharks’ made up of their teacher Mrs Fitzpatrick and their classmates judged the girls based on a variety of criteria.

The girls came up with some amazing creative ideas, some of which were ‘No Hat, No Play’ a dog hat and collar, which allowed owners to indicate whether their dog was okay to pat or not via a colour coded system, lollypop lipstick aimed at young girls starting to wear makeup, ice-cream wafer savers which are an edible eco-friendly way to catch the drips on an ice-cream cone.

Perhaps we will see some of these on the market in the near future!“I loved that at the start that we were thinking of ideas and we could be creative and think about anything…” Lily Richardson

“The endless possibilities were quite exciting and filled us with incredible ideas and our creativity was able to run wild!” Sascha Finlay-Collins

“It was really fun to have a day where we were just in the kitchen and researching how to make lipstick and lollypops and combining them.” Amy Oaten

“What I enjoyed most was experimenting with recipes on how to make it.” Che Jervis

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