Why Celebrate Technology?

Applied Information Technology (AIT) students create a series of digital products in their course as they examine how problems can be solved with software. Recently, the Year 11 class learned about raster and vector images in order to produce logos according to the needs of a particular target audience. The logos were created in Adobe Illustrator and incorporated into event posters.

Year 11 student Tolu Sorunmu tells us about her AIT project.

“I came up with the idea after looking at abstract collage art and posters for various food and music festivals. The eclectic format really inspired the idea I followed through with for my poster. My design ideas went through many stages and it was becoming increasingly difficult to tell what worked and what didn’t. I overcame this by trusting my instincts and gathering feedback from others. One technical skill I learnt that I previously overlooked was layer organisation in Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful piece of software but it can become complicated to use when many different layers are introduced. To collect the collage and to simplify the design process,  I utilised groups to keep my workspace in order. The best part was seeing the finished project and sharing my work with my peers. To me, seeing others react to my work is very rewarding because I find the social aspect of design fascinating and I love to get feedback on my designs.”

Meanwhile, the Year 12 class have been making Infomercials to understand film production techniques. This project allows students to experiment with Adobe Premiere Pro in order to have an effect on a target audience. Some of the resulting videos have left us giggling in class as our girls ‘ham it up’ to get a sales point across. This is one of the highlights of the course. Below is just one of the many amazing Infomercials, the girls came up with.

Technology has no doubt changed our lives… Happy Technology Day!

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