Word Mania Hits Santa Maria!

Word Mania is an online word building competition for schools in Australia and New Zealand. It is a way to improve literacy skills but also have fun with words. This year, two small groups of our Years 7 and 8 girls participated in the competition and have spelt their way to the finals for our district. This week they have been busy building words and are hoping to be among the prize winners.

Below are quotes from some of the girls who took part.

It helps you learn new words and it is a fun way to do it! Depending on what letters you get it can be pretty challenging. Maddi McCubbin

It takes a while to get fast at word building, it is challenging to drag the letters to make words. Ava Guthrie

Word Mania is a great way to boost my vocabulary skills. Arielle Martino

Word Mania is an interesting and fun way to learn. Zarah Squiers

Word Mania is a passport to my future spelling success! Paige Kirk

Word Mania helps me work under pressure. Paris Canterbury

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