Pope Francis’ Worldwide Prayer Network – How Can You Get Involved?

Prayer is not a matter of rushing to read the scripture or recite a prayer. Prayer is an encounter with who has created us, loves us and seeks us infinitely.

In our prayer experience as Christians, our aim is to try and meet God. It can often be helpful to take some time alone, find a body position that invites us to pray, concentrating on our breathing. Paying attention to our bodies is a great way to attune ourselves to the way in which God may be calling us.

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer) is an international movement that is more than 170 years old. Each month the Pope puts forward a prayer intention and asks Catholics around the world to join him in prayer. These intentions cover all sorts of areas of life, encouraging faith, renewing hope, and calling us to loving service. Here are the Pope’s intentions for 2023.

  • January: Intention for evangelization: For Educators
  • February: Intention for evangelization: For Parishes
  • March: Universal intention: For Victims of Abuse
  • April: Universal intention: For A Culture of Peace and Nonviolence
  • May: Intention for evangelization: For Church Movements and Groups
  • June: Universal intention: For the Abolition of Torture
  • July: Intention for evangelization: For Eucharistic Life
  • August: Intention for evangelization: For World Youth Day
  • September: Universal intention: For People Living on The Margins
  • October: Intention for evangelization: For the Synod
  • November: Intention for evangelization: For the Pope
  • December: Universal intention: For Persons with Disabilities

And so, as March begins, let us pray together.

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network also has other useful resources that can be accessed in the following ways:

The Pope Video is an official global initiative to disseminate the Holy Father’s monthly intentions. The project is supported by Vatican Media. Visit the website at the start of each month to watch each prayer intention unfold.

Click To Pray is the Pope’s prayer app which helps us pray for the challenges facing humanity and the mission of the Church. The app offers us three brief moments of prayer each day, inviting us to meet with Jesus and pray for the intentions of the Holy Father. The app connects us with thousands of people on all continents and is available in seven languages.

So, I invite you to pray, live and build a world that tastes of the Gospel. Give meaning to your life and put your prayer into action.

Melissa Trolio | Director of Mission

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