Year 9 Frayne Tackle the Issue of Period Poverty

As part of Strive9, the Frayne Homeroom has decided to tackle the issue of Period Poverty. We are taking a three-pronged approach to this issue – hoping to help girls and women in the immediate, short and long term.

As part of our project we will collect period products from the Santa Maria College community throughout the month of August (immediate), raise money by holding a fundraising DigniTea (short term), and introduce a petition to the Western Australian Parliament asking the government to provide free period products in state schools (long term).

Last week, Hannah Beazley, the Member of Parliament for the seat of Victoria Park, came into our Homeroom and helped us with this last component of our Strive 9 project. We talked through the process and limitations of writing a petition and how petitions are tabled in parliament. She told us WA doesn’t allow online petitions to be tabled in parliament, for various reasons. For example you can’t track how many times someone has signed the petition, or if they live in WA.

Hannah was very helpful, because she explained the wording and language we need to use when writing a petition that could potentially go to parliament. She also provided us with helpful resources that we can refer to later. 

We are very grateful that Hannah was able to speak to us about petitions as they are a very important part of our project. 

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