Year 10 Dancing Lessons Pay Off

After weeks of dancing lessons with Aquinas College throughout Term 3, the Year 10 girls were excited to show off the new dances they’d learned at their much anticipated social. The dancing lessons were a great experience. They provided many opportunities to learn new dances, meet new people and share many laughs.

Preparations for the social were thrust upon the cohort with a quick decision of a change of venue. However, Aquinas and Santa Maria College parents did a fabulous job gathering together wonderful decorations. Many of them out of pure creativity and genius!

We thank the parents who volunteered to assist with preparations and serve and care for the girls on the night; staff who gave up their Friday night, the Grounds and Maintenance team who ensured we arrived and departed safely, and the College catering team for their generous hospitality. 

Humphrey’s Dance instructors were a wonderful team who made sure everyone had a good time and learned a few memorable steps to prepare them for next year’s Father-Daughter dance where our dancing talents will shine once again.

The Year 10 Social was enjoyed by all and will be remembered as a remarkable event.

Here’s what some of the students had to say:

The Year 10 social was such a wonderful experience and overall, I had such an amazing time. We enjoyed the opportunity to dress up and create more friendships with the Aquinas boys whilst doing something fun and enjoyable like ballroom dancing. The Humphrey’s Dance instructors were excellent teachers and their floor show was spectacular. Ms Speranza did a wonderful job organising our social and I can’t wait for our next one. Olivia Taliangis

 I thought the social went really well. I know that many of us enjoyed the dancing and in particular the floor show. It showed us the skills needed to perform at that level. Kaia Spark

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