Year 10 Leaders Attend Leadership Conference

Our Year 10 Student Leadership Council attended the Grip Leadership Conference at the Perth Convention Centre this week. This is a leadership conference held each year throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The conference defined leadership as being about people, not position or power and that the key aspects for good leadership were a focus on others and confidence with humility. Students examined the ‘people path’ as a means for leaders to know which people they should, as leaders, focus on and how they could do this. The people path includes:

  • Self and ensuring you have good character
  • Student leadership and ensuring you make a positive contribution
  • School and culture and how might leaders influence this
  • Society and the causes students could address

The girls attended a series of workshops during the conference where they could explore some of the areas of leadership. In particular, the students enjoyed the discussions on school and culture and how they, as leaders, can work to influence the culture of the school. The Year 10 leaders came back with lots of ideas and will share these with leaders in other Year groups in the coming weeks.

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