Year 10 Site-Specific Dance

After working in isolation at home in their bedrooms, hallways and gardens, the Year 10 dancers are now back and collaborating on a Site-Specific Tour of the College. Choosing locations inside our buildings and grounds the girls are making innovative performance inspired by these locations. Creativity and communication are key in creating an interesting dance that responds to the environment.

“The site-specific dance project has been such an amazing experience”, said, dancer Olivia Taliangis. “I’ve learnt how to look at spaces in a completely different way and how to use my body to express meaning and purpose behind our pieces. Instead of seeing a staircase, we saw a visual representation of our segregated society and how we interact with each other.”

Ashlee Button said working on the site-specific dance project gave them an amazing opportunity to take their choreography skills to the next level. “Exploring how we can connect our movement to the location we are in, has really pushed us as dancers. We have had to use our knowledge of choreographic devices to create a piece that responds to the space we are in,” Ashlee said.

These short dance pieces will be filmed for assessment later this term.

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