Year 10 SRC Attend GRIP Leadership Conference

On Monday, our Year 10 Student Representative Council (SRC) attended the GRIP Leadership Conference, held at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The girls joined hundreds of others from around the state, to learn ways they can raise the standard of leadership here at the College. 

Students participated in sessions on fundraising for projects, public speaking strategies, finding new opportunities for the leadership team and how to work effectively as a team. 

Each of the sessions was interactive and engaging, and students were invited to network with leaders from other schools in a variety of activities. 

The Year 10 leaders had nothing but positive things to say about the conference. All in all, students took away a number of new skills, were offered different perspectives and connected with like-minded individuals from around the state. 

Here is what some of the participating students had to say: 

The GRIP Leadership Conference presented leadership tips to help young leaders in their role as student leaders. This opportunity helped us as a leader to identify that there are always areas that need to be improved. We also left the conference with numerous tactics on how we can improve and include people in activities and projects. This conference is important because we are the next generation of leaders, and for us to be valid leaders in the future, we need to get inspiration, knowledge, and strategies from current leaders and experts. Having a leadership role gives people a great opportunity to learn more about your cohort, can help clarify your vision, boost your confidence, learn valuable skills, and improve your communication skills. Kristine Singh

The purpose of the GRIP Leadership Conference was to expand our knowledge about how to become better leaders. It gave us several new skills on how to grow as a leader and be more confident. Some of the skills we developed were how to become a confident public speaker who is engaging and how to work in a team. I found this opportunity greatly rewarding and beneficial to my leadership journey at Santa Maria. In addition, I learned skills that I will utilise throughout my life beyond school. Allegra Tsagaris

I really liked how the conference allowed us to talk to students from other schools. This gave us the opportunity to both share and listen to other peoples’ ideas. We were able to hear the different perspectives of those from different schools and it’s always refreshing to hear the point of view of someone who isn’t a Year 10 girl from Santa Maria. It’s good to get a diverse variety of opinions from different groups of people so that we can improve our ideas and come up with new ones. Elizabeth Wignell

The GRIP Leadership Conference was good because we got to hear from different people who are professionals in the area of leadership and make connections with students from other schools in other year groups and positions. This helped us engage. The day was well constructed and interesting. Being a part of the SRC has helped me expand my leadership skills, including confidence, organisation, and communication skill. It’s also a nice way to talk to new people and create new connections, and just a really fun experience in general because of things like the GRIP Conference. Madison Pino

I went to the primary school leadership conference in Year 6 and it was such a good opportunity. So to go again in Year 10 was a big deal. It’s an important thing because it sets you up with strategies and skills in terms of leadership for life, and it’s also a lot of fun and interactive. Shayla Keane

A massive well done to the Year 10 SRC, who represented the College beautifully. We look forward to seeing them flourish as leaders throughout their time at the College, and beyond!

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