Year 10 Students Connect with Alumni at Careers Day

Here is what the girls had to say about the opportunity to connect with the alumni and learn more about their future pathways.

Going into Careers Day I already knew what I wanted to be and what subjects I had to select to achieve this hypothetical life path. After hearing the stories from the alumni and current students, I have learnt that choosing something I am passionate about really helps when choosing subjects. Many of the girls said they chose certain subjects based on what would get them the best pathways for their desired careers. After attending the classes, they realised that they weren’t enjoying the classes, making the level of effort invested minimal, which lead to poor grades. I really enjoyed the guest speakers as I learnt a lot. The piece of advice I have learnt from the Careers Day is to choose the subjects you’re passionate about! Macy Sicree

On Careers Day, we heard from many different people about future pathways, courses, and finding our own skills and likes. Some past Santa girls came back and talked to us about their journeys, through university, TAFE and other ways they’ve achieved, or are on their way to, achieving their goals. They talked about their chosen Year 11 and 12 pathways, such as ATAR and ACCESS. Something I really took away from their talks was that there are many ways to achieve your future goals and you should never feel let down from failures because there is always a way. We also heard from some Santa Maria teachers about how they got to where they are today. Something that became common in all of their stories was to follow your passion, and not necessarily follow what you’re good at. Most teachers did not realise they wanted to teach, but rather that they wanted to work with kids or work in their field of area (drama, English, etc). Grace Robertson

“Do you have any ideas on what you want to be”, this was the question I was commonly asked, not even knowing which pathway I wanted to follow. During the Careers Day, we were given more of an insight on what pathways could potentially suit us and our passions. Through the duration of the day, we heard from Old Girls who talked about their careers. Whilst listening to their journeys and pathways, I then knew what I wanted to do. I picked up from the speakers to always have an open mind to new things and always have options. My opinion is it’s okay to not know what you want to do, and if you don’t know, follow what you are passionate about. Bianca Zoiti

I found that the Old Girls guest speakers had very different stories, experiences, and pathways. This really enlightened me on the possible opportunities that ATAR and ACCESS can provide you with. Above all I found the speakers inspiring and motivating, especially the advice given by all of the speakers, which is to study what you are passionate about, not what you think you are good at, because ATAR and ACCESS are both overwhelming with the endless options available, however, it is much easier to identify subjects you love the most.  Sirena McDowell

With Mr Keskinidis, we looked at career and course options for life after high school on multiple websites. Before this day I was unsure of what I want to do when I left school, let alone how to get there, but now I feel so much more confident. After being informed on every small detail regarding ATAR, ACCESS, subjects, prerequisites and universities, I finally feel better about choosing what to do in the coming years. Lilli Radley

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