Year 10s Complete Keys4Life Program

Let’s face it… the thought of handing over car keys to your daughter for the first time is daunting.

You may be thinking she lacks the maturity to understand the life-changing consequences of one simple mistake behind wheel. Or perhaps, it’s the risk of her crossing paths with other careless, inattentive drivers which worries you.

Either way, before it comes to the stage of your daughter hopping into the car, she must understand how to be a safe driver.

This is why we have re-introduced the Keys4Life program, which our Year 10 students have recently completed as part of the Health curriculum.

The state-wide program, designed by School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA), aims to help young teens become safer drivers, as well as educate them on the risks associated with driving and being a passenger.

Additionally, the course equips teenagers with strategies to help minimise risks and gives tips on how to remove themselves from potentially risky situations.

Over 10 lessons, the girls covered safer road use and responsible practices, from assessing situations and decision making to speed and stopping distances to learning about the licensing system in WA.

To consolidate their knowledge and finish off the unit, the girls completed a learner’s permit assessment.

“The students tend to enjoy the lessons as they are quite hands-on and have good topical discussions.”, says Jodii White, one of many staff in our Physical Education Department who completed a professional development course to teach the program.

“The best part for students is they can complete their learner’s permit theory test at school for free. This means that on their birthday, they can go to the licensing centre with their certificate and ID, and get their learner’s permit. It takes a bit of the stress away for them.”, adds Jodii. 

To complement the Keys4Life program, the girls also engaged with two guest speakers during PCT, from RAC and the Paraplegic Benefit Fund.

We asked some students about their experience completing the Keys4Life program. Here is what they had to say:

Whilst completing this program, I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities that we were given. It showed me a different perspective of driving and how it affects not only the driver but others in the car and others on the road. I particularly enjoyed the distraction activity; it gave an equal amount of pressure equal to being in the car driving. I recommend the Keys4Life program for any students or other adults wanting to drive. Veronique Lomma

The keys for life program is an amazing program for us. It helped me gain valuable life skills. There are also many fun activities to complete, which helped me understand what it is really like to be driving on the road. Tayla Chafer

Later this year, students will also be attending the B-Streetsmart event at RAC Arena, which aims to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young people by promoting safer driving behaviours.

We wish our Year 10 students the best of luck as they soon begin their journey behind the wheel!

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