Year 11 CFC Deliver Packs to Year 5s

Recent research has shown strong links between the ability to prepare healthy food and the incidence of childhood obesity in families. Additionally, educating children and increasing their interest and understanding of nutrition, potentially reduces rates of nutrition-related disease later in life.  

The Year 11 Children, Family and Community (CFC) General class were this term, set the task of educating Year 5 students about the benefits of eating a healthy diet. The project, which the girls have been working on this term, also saw the Year 11s spend two cooking classes with two of the Year 5 classes.

Teacher Meghan Franzinelli said, “My vision as a teacher was to create something hands-on, which would grow the connection we originally created with the Years 5s earlier this year while completing another project.”

The Year 11 students looked at the recommended dietary requirements and researched healthy snack recipes. They filled the nutritional packs with interesting information, like the benefits of cooking and growing your own food at home and the importance of drinking water. The girls personalised each bag and included a kindness message for the younger girls.

The project was completed today with the girls delivering the packs and distributing them to the Year 5s. There were lots of excited happy faces as the Year 5s looked through their packs.

The Year 11s are looking forward to welcoming the other two Year 5 classes to the Home Economics kitchens in Term 4.


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