Year 11 CFC Students visit Mel Maria

Year 11 Children, Family & Community students have been researching child development. As part of this topic, the girls have planned and prepared an educational activity for 4 – 5 year olds with a numeracy or literacy focus. This week the students had the opportunity to trial their activity with the pre-primary students at Mel Maria. Both the girls and the pre-primary students really benefited from the experience.

I really enjoyed the experience and found it interesting how different things can play out in real life compared to how you thought it would have in your mind. Olivia Lloyd

I really enjoyed the excursion to Mel Maria today and meeting the kids. My activity went well and I’m sure they enjoyed participating in it and spending some time with us. Grace Shearwood

Children Family & the Community enables students to develop an understanding of the growth, development and wellbeing of children and their families, in both a theoretical and practical context. The course aims to assist in preparing students in the ACCESS pathway, who intend on pursuing further study in areas such as early childhood, teaching, childcare, social work, nursing, midwifery, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

Joanne McBride, Teacher of Home Economics & Visual Arts

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