Year 11 Dads and Daughters Special Night

The Year 11 Father Daughter Dinner Dance is a special tradition at Santa Maria College. It’s an event dedicated just to dads and their daughters and that special relationship. It’s a great chance for dads to meet other dads and, of course, to play some air guitar!

The following was taken from a Reflection on the night.

Fatherhood calls for many joys and challenges, which dads fondly remember with pride and happiness. They have bestowed us with unconditional love and care without asking for anything in return. When it comes to the relationship we share with our fathers, there are absolutely no strings attached. We may not always see it, but they are always there for us, with unwavering support and assistance. How often do we take the time to whisper a silent prayer to God for the health and happiness of this special person in our life? How often do we take time to be thankful for our father and his love?

“It was an amazing event filled with fun. The venue was lovely, and the 3-course meal served to us was very tasty. Thanks to DJ Tina, the music had everyone up on the dance floor, especially for the air guitar competition, which was very entertaining. It was definitely a night to remember.” Kimberly Muzambwa, Year 11 student

“It was a good night for all the dads to meet each other and make new friends as they probably haven’t had that opportunity yet.” Molly Bozanich, Year 11 student

“There was great music, and it was nice to spend time with our dads and friends.” Terezina Pearson, Year 11 student

“The Father Daughter Dance was a good time to spend quality time with our dads. The night was full of delicious food and some old-style dance moves. It was a wonderful night making great memories.” Zali Smeed, Year 11 student

“Thanks for a ripper night”. Paul Blair, Year 11 dad

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