Year 11 Design an Outfit for a Celebrity

Our Year 11 Materials, Design, and Technology students have just completed their first major portfolio, showcasing their creativity and skills in both design and fashion. Their brief was to design and produce a unique outfit for a celebrity client, incorporating the latest trends and personal style preferences of their chosen celebrity. This project involved sketching initial concepts, creating detailed fashion illustrations and perfecting their sewing techniques to ensure a professional finish.  This hands-on experience not only honed their technical abilities but also deepened their understanding of the fashion industry and design principles.

Here are snapshots of the Year 11 students alongside their designs and finished creations tailored for their celebrity clients. Each student has shared where they found the inspiration and have highlighted their favourite aspect of this project.

I have always thought of Marilyn Monroe as a fashion icon, and I love the clothes she wore in the 1960s. As a result I decided it would be fun to design her an outfit myself. My favourite part about this task was drawing and sketching up my designs. I really enjoyed drawing up different design concepts and mixing and matching to create a final garment to create. Stephanie

I got my inspiration from Billie Eilish and her unique styling. However I created a more reserved garment for her to wear, compared to her usual eccentric style. My Favourite part of this task was making the designs. It was very fun to take Billie’s style and twist it into something that was in a bit of a different theme to what she usually wears. Amelia

I love Sabrina Carpenter’s style, and she’s one of my fashion icons. I really wanted to create an outfit inspired by her that incorporates lots of sparkles and feathers to match her fun and sparkly style in a dress. My favourite part of this task was designing the outfits. I really enjoyed drawing different, fun, and sparkly outfits inspired by Sabrina Carpenter’s style. Natalie

I chose this design because I wanted to take slight inspiration from the mood I felt when listening to Taylor Swifts newest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’. To me, it felt free and old-timey, so I chose to create a flowy bustier dress with flower details to embody the sweet but tragic vibe of Taylor. My favourite part of the task was how free we were with what we could make. It allowed us to use our imagination and create something beautiful and something that represented us as designers. Amelie 

When creating and gathering ideas for my fashion garment I took inspiration from mid 19thcentury Hollywood glam, wanting to create a design that captures the elegant dresses and gowns that were worn in Hollywood. My favourite part of this task was the lead up to creating our designs because we got to explore different ideas by making illustrations. Grace

Bella Hadid was my inspiration for this task, I chose this design to fit her style and fashion in terms of aesthetic, colours and wearability. I got inspiration from her street fashion and also from online, like choosing outfits which I though suited her well. My favourite part of this task was making my skirt, though it was challenging, I am glad it turned out nicely and that it looks clean and professional. I am also happy that my garment looks like a unified outfit and that it fits well with Bella Hadid’s style. Lucia

My design was inspired by singer Laufey, who is inspiring in both her songs and fashion sense. Her style is one I correspond to, her casual day outfits especially resonate with me which is why I chose to create more comfortable and day to day garments. I loved making something different in this task, I was able to experiment with different design elements and techniques. Gabriella

My inspiration for this garment originated from my mood board. By incorporating elements from various dresses and shirts, I was able to create a unique version of the dress that resonated with my vision. My favourite part of the process was sketching the garments. Drawing multiple designs allowed me to refine and select the one that best embodied the theme. This step enabled me to visualise the dress’s components before its creation and opened up possibilities for further creative adjustments. Madison

The hard work and creativity the students have put into these projects is truly impressive. Stay tuned for their next portfolio, where they will be producing 1960s-inspired outfits for the Santa Maria College Fashion Parade.

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