Year 11 Drama Day

What is Drama Day?

The Independent Schools’ Drama Day, is an opportunity for Year 11 students to participate in a variety of workshops delivered by industry professionals. This is what two of the girls had to say about their experience:

Workshop 1

Throughout the day we participated in three different workshops, each had its own objective and purpose. We explored warmups and how to prepare our mind and bodies for a role that we would then play. Our favourite activity was performing an improvisation of an awkward love story with a partner we have never met before. Our improvisations worked well as a result of the skills we learnt in the prior exercises. We could fully get into character and commit 100%, which helped us as actors feel the emotion of the character we were playing and express that.

Workshop 2

The second workshop was an improvisation-focused session. Working on how to think creatively on the spot and creating a scene from a given stimulus. This session was a challenge as we had to be more vulnerable to try new things and introduce new ideas to contribute to the group.

Workshop 3

The last workshop was a great way to end the day. It was a movement-focused session that helped focus on exploring character and role through our bodies. One exercise in this workshop that we enjoyed and found interesting was when our mentor told us to become an animal of choice, however, the twist was that we were given masks so the audience couldn’t interpret our animal through facial expression and sound, but only through movement and manipulation of our bodies.

We really enjoyed every workshop. It was so rewarding seeing all the skills learnt in each session come together at the end in a final exercise.

In summary

Drama Day helped us build skills that will assist us, not only our Year 11 Drama ATAR course, but in interpersonal skills that will assist in many aspects beyond school.

Jayda Jakovich and Stella Hammond

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