Year 11 Retreat: Servant Leadership

Retreats and Reflection Days are a time to experience and hold the sacredness of all life. They encourage growth of the individual. We recognise that humans are designed for wholeness and this calls for the integration of all aspects of self, both good and bad. The design of this retreat promotes this integration and therefore the growth of the individual. Positive and negative life experiences are acknowledged for their contribution towards the forming of self. Self-identity is understood as a combination of past, actual and potential understandings of the individual.

The theme of the Year 11 retreat was Servant Leadership. Students were encouraged to spend time reflecting upon leadership qualities, particularly those relevant in a Christian/Mercy context, that is the call to servant leadership as exemplified in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and Catherine McAuley.

The aims of the retreat were:

  • Students to grow in understanding of themselves, others and God.
  • Students to learn how to reflect on their experiences, to dream for the future and to integrate these into wholeness in the present.
  • Students to embark on an interior journey toward holiness.
  • Students develop their understanding of servant leadership.

Below are reflections from some of the Year 11 girls about their experience.

The Year 11 Twilight Retreat was the perfect time to reflect upon those who have influenced and positively impacted ourselves as young women in the College community and society. Throughout the afternoon we were called to be servant leaders, leading by example and being servants to God’s call to love and to serve. With the help of staff, guest speakers, and interactive activities we were truly able to explore and meditate upon the leadership qualities which are present within us and how to express them in a way which benefits the community. Stephanie Tory

I found the retreat experience very rewarding, having reflective time to learn in depth about servant leadership. I have learnt the importance of putting faith into action, modelling the work of Jesus, where the simplest of actions can make a significant difference to the lives of others. The retreat taught me how working in a team effectively, does not mean taking control of the situation. It means showing determination to complete the task and encouraging others to do the same. Keely Hebiton

 The Year 11 Twilight Retreat was a wonderful experience. Being able to learn about servant leadership but also being able to apply it through different activities, such as responding to the needs of the homeless through creating care packages was really effective and exciting. Reflecting on people that we regard as servant leaders was also really beneficial for us in recognising the influences that they have on our lives, and in our wider communities. Our guest speaker, Clare, was extremely inspiring in her story of her works with the children in Kenya, as well as her describing the ways in which she discerned her callings from God to travel and have new experiences around the world. I was able to learn so much, and overall, I was genuinely inspired to walk alongside those struggling in society in the spirit of hospitality, compassion and service. Shay Bastiani

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