Year 11 Social – A Memorable Night

Waking up early on Saturday, the Year 11 cohort, excitedly anticipated the evening that awaited them. The Year 11 Social was finally here!

At 6.50 pm girls and their partners started arriving at Tompkins on Swan. Everyone looked lovely and was ready to dance the night away.  The girls and their guests were greeted at the door by their Homeroom Teachers, and tropical drinks were provided for everyone.  Once everyone had arrived, the night formally began, and people started to move onto the dance floor to get their groove on!

The DJ provided a range of hits that bonded us all together, with everyone dancing and singing to songs from ‘High School Musical’ and ‘YMCA’.  The social was very enjoyable and lived up to everyone’s hopes.  By the end of the night, everyone was sad to leave but loved the fun and socialising aspects of the night.

Back at school on Monday, everyone agreed the social was a hit and a memorable night for us all. It would not have been the success that it was without the amazing efforts from our Dean, Mrs Newton, our Homeroom Teachers and College Executive Staff who attended the social.  The students and their partners were all so welcoming of each other, adding to the great atmosphere of the night.  The 2019 Year 11 social is a night we will all remember and will definitely be a highlight of the year!

Written by the Year 11 Leaders

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