Year 11 Students Enjoy a ‘Hot Summer Night’

On Saturday night, we arrived at the College for our much-anticipated Year 11 Social. Some of us arrived with partners from other schools, others chose to enjoy the night with their friends. After introducing our partners to our Homeroom Teachers, we headed into the McDonald Building, to comments about how great we looked and how charming our partners were.

‘Hot Summer Night’ was the theme for the evening, with a modern-rustic twist. A photo booth made sure we all had a memento of the night to take home.

DJ Bad Habits played some great songs as we chatted and helped ourselves to the lolly buffet. Later in the evening, we enjoyed a dinner of gourmet hot dogs and sliders, under the festoon lighting on the Terrace.

After dinner we were treated to the band Grenan Dawley, a group of uni students who played a very ‘laid back’ set of music, mostly original songs. After the band, the DJ came back onto the stage to set the mood for the rest of the night. A variety of music was played, and soon a big mosh developed. Classics like ‘Eagle Rock’ made an appearance and more recent tunes, like ‘I Got A Feeling’, really got the whole venue jumping. As the last song was played, we were all disappointed the night was coming to an end.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Speranza, Dean of Year 11. The amount of time and effort you put into the social was amazing and we have many special memories of the night. Also, a big thank you to the parent helpers who volunteered to set up, help during the night and clean up the next day; a massive task made simpler because of your valuable help. Thank you to the Homeroom Teachers for making sure we were all safe, and for getting into the night too!

Anna Burfoot, Year 11 Student Councillor 

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