Our Year 11s Are Getting Work Ready!

This term, the Year 11 ACCESS students will be commencing their Workplace Learning (WPL) placement on Monday of Week 6. For many students, this will be their first experience in the workplace.

In order to prepare students for Workplace Learning and the transition from school to the workplace, the College held WorkReady Day on Monday. The day included guest speakers who provided practical demonstrations on hair care tips for professionals, makeup, how to dress to impress, strategies to reduce stress, and even practical options for lunch.

Students were provided with the opportunity to make connections and ask questions of the industry speakers. In all of the workshops, the girls were learning transferable life skills.

The feedback from the students was that they appreciated the opportunity to just focus on preparing for Workplace Learning and being able to ask questions of experts in many fields. Most students said they now felt more prepared for the placement and are very eager to start.

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