Year 12 Ball: A Gatsby-Style Evening to Remember

The highly-anticipated Year 12 Ball was held on Saturday night at the Hyatt in the style of ‘The Great Gatsby’. This event is always a highlight for our students as they commence their final year of schooling, and this year’s event did not disappoint.

Head Girl Isabella Morrison

Head Girl Isabella Morrison shared the following:

Our Year 12 ball was a night to remember! The night was filled with great anticipation. It was an opportunity to kick off our final year of schooling and reflect, recognise, and celebrate the great relationships we had formed in our cohort and beyond. It lived up to everything we hoped for – great food, stimulating conversations, dancing, and an amazing atmosphere made it a memorable start to our final year. Everyone looked incredible, and it was a fantastic way to bring our year group closer and celebrate as a cohort. 

The night began with drinks on arrival, providing a great opportunity to mingle and see everyone in their stunning ball attire. We then proceeded into the ballroom, which was beautifully decorated to fit the Great Gatsby theme. We all thoroughly enjoyed our three-course meal which filled us with energy to take onto the dance floor. 

DJ Diesel provided some awesome tunes for us to dance our hearts out to all night. The dance floor was filled with laughter and joy along with some innovative dance moves that all contributed to the memories we formed that will last a lifetime. Thank you to The Hyatt for making our ball so special, and to Mrs D’Ortona and Mrs Newton’s hard work in organising this event. Overall, it was an amazing night filled with laughter, joy and dancing, and a great way to start our celebrations!

Ministry Captain, Grace Westerhout, said, “Spending a night of fun with our peers who we will spend our last year with meant a lot, it was a great time to bond with, and appreciate each other. We are all very thankful to the staff who organised all the details which resulted in a magical evening. Overall, it was a very special night and a fantastic start to our Year 12 journey.

Claire Newton, Dean of Year 12 added, “The Ball was a wonderful occasion for our Year 12s and their partners, and a joyful celebration of friendships formed over the years. There was a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement during the evening. It was a night of elegance matched by the Gatsby themed Ballroom. A delicious dinner, great music and dancing ensured the night was a memorable occasion. The Year 12s have much to be proud of as they begin their final and most significant year at the College. We wish them all the best for a happy and successful year.”

The last line in the Great Gatsby says, “So, we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

This quote is fitting with the nostalgia and anticipation that the Year 12 Ball brings. As they danced and celebrated, students were both looking back at their shared history and forward to their final year of school. Like boats against the current, they’re moving forward while carrying their past experiences with them. This quote captures the blend of excitement, nostalgia, and anticipation that made the Year 12 Ball such a memorable occasion.

The Year 12 Ball marked an unforgettable beginning to the students’ final year at the College. The event was a grand celebration of friendships, achievements, and anticipation for the future. As the students start their final year, the Ball has set a positive and celebratory tone for the year ahead. It was indeed a night to remember!

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