Year 12 Biology Taken to the Zoo

I remember excursions as a fun part of my schooling. It was an excellent opportunity to get away from a classroom setting and learn through hands-on experiences. A visit to the Perth Zoo this week had our Year 12 Biology students excited. 

The visit offered our girls the chance to extend their understanding of homeostatic mechanisms in animals such as the giraffe and elephant. The girls were required to consider ways zoos prevent and manage infectious disease amongst animals, and the procedures followed to help maintain genetic variation in captive-bred populations.

The girls were so fortunate to have a beautiful fine day for their visit, which also meant the animals were out enjoying the sun.

Year 12 Biology students had the following to say:

Olivia Read said, “It was an amazing experience to have first-hand interaction with the animals, which we wouldn’t be able to do every day. This opportunity allowed us to apply what we are learning in class in a practical and real-life scenario.” 

Asha Parsons said, “Getting up close to the giraffes and observing their unique features was really interesting, we had a guide who told us all about the giraffes’ zoo life and the zoo’s breeding program for them. We also got to feed the giraffes and take cute photos.
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