Year 12 Dance and Drama Graduation Performance Evening

The Year 12 Dance and Drama Graduation Performance Evening is the pinnacle of the Dance and Drama curriculum, where our senior students perform their final assessment pieces – The OSC and The OSP.

The OSC is where the Dance student performs an Original Solo Composition in the genre of dance of their choosing. The choreography, music choice, and performance are all the student’s work and are focused around their chosen intent.

The OSP is where the Drama student performs an Original Solo Production focusing on character journey and their chosen performance style. The student devises their own script and workshops their performance to create a complete production of their work. Students focus on dramatic meaning and the desired impact on their audience. 

These items are the culmination of the students work and are assessed as a task and performed in the upcoming practical WACE exams.

The performances were varied with many different topics and themes explored. Each performer bravely took to the stage to express their creative voice, sharing their talents to entertain or challenge their audience. Creating your own work and sharing with family and friends and peers is a nerve-racking challenge for even the most seasoned performers. I commend each and every one of our performers for their creative risk-taking and for sharing their vulnerability with the audience. 

What stood out to many was the support and encouragement amongst the Dance and Drama students. They each understood the demanding process their peers had undertaken, the vulnerability required and explored, the pressure to create and the nerves to perform because they had all been through it together. 

The lessons learnt throughout Dance and Drama are life lessons and regardless of whether these young women pursue careers in the creative arts or not, they have demonstrated many of the Connecting Learning to Life attributes our College has focused on over the past 18 months – respect, compassion, collaboration, resilience, confidence, initiative, emotional intelligence, adaptability, problem solving, critical thinking and of course creativity.  

All the best for your WACE exams girls!

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