Year 12 Final days in Boarding

The Year 12 girls were fondly farewelled by the Year 11 students with a surprise themed breakfast last Sunday morning. This is a long held tradition in Boarding and the Year 11 students did a sterling job under the theme of ‘Jungle’. The boarders’ dining room was transformed into a jungle, animal masks were worn and the girls had a delightful breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Following breakfast the waterslide came into its own with the girls cascading down the bank of the Figure 8. Later in the day, the boarding community celebrated Mass together, where the sisters of the Year 12 girls were the readers in the celebration, gifts were given and the girls formally farewelled from the Chapel. After Mass, the Housemothers, Mrs Chaffer, Mrs Hickling, Deans of Boarding and the Year 12 girls attended a dinner at a local restaurant.

Thank you to all involved in making this a day to remember for our Year 12 students.

Andrea Dopson | Dean of Boarding

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