Year 12 Retreat

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The Year 12 Retreat concluded today. It is one of the most memorable events for students as they transition towards graduation. Interestingly, when I commenced at Santa Maria College in 2010, we did not have a Year 12 Retreat. I made this point in talking to the girls when I was with them yesterday. The fact that we would take three days away in Year 12 to reflect on their journey, their relationships, their family and their God, says something special about Santa Maria College.

Prior to going on Retreat, very little information is given to the students, and this is deliberate.  We want to make it a special, meaningful and thought-provoking time away. I thank Helen Chaffer and Retreat Leaders Jilly Landers, Michelle Carrick and Ben Court and all staff who attended, for their outstanding contributions. When Mrs Chaffer asked the staff to put their names forward if they wished to participate, she could not take them all, as we always receive too many nominations. The fact that staff value this time away with the girls, says something very special about the staff/student relationships at the College.

I thank the Year 12 students for making the Retreat extra special. The participation of the Class of 2017 was commented on by all staff and the feedback from the girls reinforced the value of this special time away. While the Retreat is part of our Catholic tradition, we also hope it will be one of the great memories that the girls take with them when they graduate.

This article is brought to you by Santa Maria College a WA Catholic Girls Schools – Years 5 – 12

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