Year 12s Are Halfway There!

It has been a very busy few weeks for the Year 12s after exams and work placements. So it was with great excitement the girls enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the achievement of making it halfway through their Year 12 journey. Halfway Day started off with a small gift presented to them in Homeroom accompanied by a special quote to begin the celebrations. Later in the morning, the whole cohort came together for morning tea in the alfresco area.

The highlight of this was the lovely food provided by the Café, but most especially the incredible cupcakes made by Louise Anderson, mum of Lucy, to mark this special occasion. After some lovely words from Head Girl Stella Hammond, and Principal Jennifer Oaten, the girls celebrated the morning with lots of music and dancing. It was so lovely to see the girls come together as they celebrated being halfway there!  

The halfway celebrations also continued into PCT. The girls enjoyed a break in the many preparations for life after school that have been occupying many of our PCT sessions this term. Instead, they focused on the importance of having fun. The girls played many traditional games such as snakes and ladders, dominos, Jenga, pick up sticks and more, as well as a giant game of dodgeball. Overall, PCT was an opportunity for the whole cohort to come together and enjoy each other’s company playing games we otherwise wouldn’t make time for.

“Reaching the halfway point has given us the needed encouragement and boost to continue into our final semester of school and the confidence that we can and will make it together united as the Class of 2021,” Year 12 student Eireann Robertson said.

Dean of Year 12, Marsha Pengilly said “I am sure the excitement of halfway day will inspire and motivate the girls to keep working hard for the remainder of the term and their time at the College.” 

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