Welcome To Our New Alumni

It’s always interesting watching students who have recently graduated return to the College. Many return oozing confidence, secure in themselves, floating on the freedom and carefree days that summer holidays have provided. They seem happy and buoyant, excited to see one another en masse and the connection to one another is evident through their laughter and chatter. More than 90 2018 graduates joined us for breakfast last Thursday, and we welcomed them into the OGA family.

Santa Maria College alumni were joined by current faculty members from various Perth Universities. Amanda Swift (1985), Natasha Pauli (1994) and Heidi Waldron (Werder, 1991) spoke to the girls about their top tips for success at university. The one common thread was to embrace the diverse opportunities available at university and to pursue goals with everything you’ve got. These sentiments echoed the constant reminder Sr Sheila Sawle gave us, “If it is meant to be, it is up to me!” (JM Barrie)

We wish our new alumni continued happiness and success in all that they pursue!

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