Year 5s Learn What it Means to be a Santa Girl

Reflection Days are an important part of Santa Maria College’s calendar for each year group. Students bond, discover, learn and have fun together as a whole cohort.

Our Year 5s participated in their first Reflection Day last Friday. They started the day learning about the College values, with an emphasis on our 2021 value, Justice. The girls shared insightful reflections about their understanding of our values so far. 

The girls learnt about our foundress Catherine McAuley and her part in the history of the College. They looked at what it means to be a Santa girl, incorporating the College values and Catherine’s influence. Time was also spent learning about the history of the College House system.

Constable Care performers entertained the girls with a performance about Frenemies. They reinforced this message about kindness and inclusivity.

To finish off the day, the girls enjoyed some fun wellness activities including team building games, bubble blowing, and meditation.

Here is what some of the girls had to say about their first Reflection Day:

I enjoyed learning about Catherine McAuley and that she never gave up on her dreams. Abigail Sheehan 5.5

I liked the Constable Care performance, they had great characters and acting. Olivia Woodhead 5.3

I liked designing the crest for O’Donnell because I like creating new things. Marli Cole 5.2

I enjoyed learning about Kelly and its history and I also liked how we learnt about Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy. Sophie Radica 5.4

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