Year 5 Reflection Day

While the ‘big kids’ were away at the Years 7 – 12 Interhouse Swimming Carnival this week, the Year 5 girls enjoyed their Reflection Day.

The Year 5 Reflection Day is a chance for the girls to get to know the College and what it means to be a member of the College Community. Year 12 students, Sara Harcourt Smith and Emily Mascaro spoke to the girls about their experience at Santa Maria and the opportunities that have been available to them.

The girls explored different spaces around the school and as a special treat, enjoyed lunch in the staffroom. The day also gave the girls an opportunity  to get to know their friends better and to make new friends.

Here are some thoughts from the girls.

“I enjoyed the Reflection Day because we played lots of games where I got to meet new friends.” Eve Neilson.

“I enjoyed Reflection Day because we had the opportunity to have our lunch in the Staff Community Room.” Emily Flutter

“I loved Reflection Day because we got to dance together.” Hannah Min  Oo

“I enjoyed Reflection Day because it gave us a chance to make new friends in other classes.” Amelia Taranto

“I liked Reflection Day because we got to bond with other girls, meet new people and make lots of new friends.” Alessia Forzatti

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