Year 5 Teachers Going On Holiday

The Year 5 teachers REALLY need a holiday. So they put it to the Year 5 students to act as their travel agents and plan an exciting, relaxing holiday full of activities and adventures. The girls were given $10,000 to plan and budget for a holiday within Western Australia. This had to cover everything; travel, car hire, accommodation, and daily activities. 

Financial Literacy

Students are learning the nitty-gritty of money handling, from budgeting money to choosing from a range of products. Scarcity has played a huge role in this task as the girls discovered that everything is already booked out for the September holidays. The limited range of activities and flights has seen the students adapting and changing their original plans. 

Real-World Application

Through this task, our Year 5s are discovering the realities of booking holidays. They are using websites and comparing prices the way their parents have multiple times before for them.

Some are shocked at how much is involved for a five-day getaway, while others are wishing the rest of the world was open for travel so they could plan a more lavish trip away. They are noticing the effects of COVID-19 on the travel industry and how different this task would have been if it were in a time where travel was more freely allowed. However, their ability to adapt and overcome obstacles has seen them produce amazing holidays within Western Australia.

Student Reflections

“I got to figure out how to book things on the internet and found some really cool places that I may consider going to in the future. If we could go out of Western Australia, I would have planned it differently and had this awesome rainforest trip planned. We weren’t allowed to book outside of Western Australia because there wouldn’t be any flights due to COVID-19, but I adapted and found something just as good.” Rebecca Schirmer

“I’m really enjoying budgeting for this holiday. It’s teaching us to be mindful of how much we have to spend and not just think that everything is free. This is definitely something I can use in my everyday life, so I don’t go into debt by spending too much.” Sofia Galeano Riveros

“I am really liking how much freedom we have with this task so we can do anything we want as long we stay in budget and meet the rubric criteria. This assessment helped me learn that sometimes cheaper stuff isn’t always the best option and weighing up my options can help me choose what’s best. I told my dad about it and he then gave me $800 to plan three days on Rottnest for my whole family. I didn’t go over budget, so Dad followed my plan and booked it for us.” Olivia Van Dyk

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