Students Brave the Weather: Year 5 Winter Games

Year 5 students were met with a blustery, cold and wet day for the JIGSSA Winter Games this week.

The girls headed to Perth College and Yokine Reserve to participate in AFL and cricket clinics and netball and soccer games. For many, this was the first time trying a new sport.

The Winter Games is a non-competitive day of sport played against the other JIGSSA schools.

The weather might have been wild, but the girls showed great resilience and enthusiasm taking part in the day and we were so very proud of them! As always, it was another great opportunity for the Year 5 students to play against the other JIGSSA schools in an interschool format.

Here are highlights from some of the girls.

The netball was really fun because we got to play with our teammates. Sophia da Costa 5.2

I think we worked really well because we kept on going through the cold weather. Freya Neesham 5.3

Our netball worked co-operatively by defending the other players. Estelle Iacobellis 5.4

Soccer was really fun because in my team we fought for the ball, and we were all defending our players. Bonnie Nelson 5.4

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