Year 5s Enjoy their Reflection Day

Constable Care

While the Years 7 – 12 girls were at their Interhouse Swimming Carnival, the Year 5 girls enjoyed a day filled with fun, learning and activity as part of their Reflection Retreat Day.

The day commenced with the girls learning about the life of Catherine McAuley and her influence on Santa Maria as a Mercy school, and what it means to be a Santa girl today. 

The girls also spent some time learning about the history of their House before enjoying a guest presentation from Constable Care.  During this time, the presenters interacted with the girls using the topic of frenemies. The girls were very engaged and loved their day.

Gabrielle said “I enjoyed Constable Care because it reminded me how we should deal with friend situations”

Adayna said “I enjoyed making an Australian Mercy mandala and learning about the history of O’Donnell House”

Hayley said “I enjoyed making new friends from my House”

Chloe enjoyed learning about Catherine McAuley “she was a really lovely lady and I am so glad that she was in our world”.

Embracing Tradition: Praying the Rosary

One of the cherished traditions that we hold dear is our weekly gathering in the chapel to recite the Rosary. The Rosary isn’t just a routine prayer; it’s a sacred tradition that brings us together in faith and love.

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