Year 5s Win Gold at Cheercon

Year 5s Win Gold at Cheercon

Lucy Hatton

Congratulations to two of our Year 5 girls, Lucy Hatton and Bethany Jurkans who competed at Cheercon 2021 over the weekend. Their team, Firecrackers won gold in the Level 1 Youth category and were the 4th overall Grand Champions of all the competing teams. 

Both girls are members of TNT Allstars. Bethany has been cheerleading for two years and Lucy started mid-way through 2020.

When asked what they loved most about cheerleading, Lucy said “My favourite things about cheerleading are tumbling, being a part of a team and competing in front of a lot of people.” Bethany added “I love being part of an amazing team and making new friends. We have fun together learning new skills.”

Bethany Jurkans
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