Year 6 Exploring Poetry

Year 6 students have been exploring poetry.  They have analysed a range of poetry forms and become experts in figurative language and sound devices. 

The girls utilised their expertise to create and publish a range of poems, each class producing an anthology, which can now be enjoyed in the ‘Poet’s Corner’ in the College Library.

We asked four of the girls to share their poems and their thoughts with us.

Claudia 6.8

“I’ve enjoyed being able to be creative and free my mind. It’s also been good to share my opinion about a topic.”

Sophie 6.10

“I enjoyed that we were given time to be creative and learn new skills in poetry that will benefit us in many different areas of creative writing. I enjoy creative writing, so it was fun to learn new things, like personification and sound devices.” 

Jade 6.6

“We did many poems, most in the anthology. We studied ballads, basing one on the Rabbit Proof Fence and the Stolen Generation. Another was our favourite fairy tales. We did many poems using figurative language, diving deep into our imagination. For example, we used personification to give an object human qualities, another was alliteration.

Scarlett 6.9

We studied ballads, fairy tales, alliteration, figurative language and sound device poetry.

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