Year 6 Students Reflecting on Their Primary Years

Jocelyn Hanson

Reflection Day was a great way to reflect on our experiences of our past primary years. Building a tree helped us represent and reflect on our personal characteristics and groundings that we discovered in our primary schooling. Plus learning about our worries for high school and how to deal with them, and what we are looking forward to in the years to come. Isabella Morrison, Kallysta Lim & Stella Penello

The Reflection Day was a fun and enjoyable way to find out what to expect in Year 7. Our favourite part of Reflection Day was when the Year 7s came in and talked to us about what to expect while moving to Year 7. They also answered all our questions and queries. Reflection Day was a good way to end Year 6, start a new life in Year 7 and to let all our worries go. Ava Law & Georgia Peacock

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