Year 6s Reflect on their Primary Years

Year 6s Reflect on their Primary Years

The final year of primary is fast approaching for our Year 6 students. The students and their teachers spent a day reflecting on their education journey recently.

The day started with an intimate liturgy for two of the classes and their parents, where the girls prayed, reflected and celebrated their primary years.

The other two classes enjoyed a delicious morning tea and a chance to chat with the other families and recall all the great memories of the first 12 years of the girls’ lives.

Then both groups changed places to ensure everyone had the same experience.

The remainder of the day involved the girls having time to work in their rooms on their vision boards.  

The girls all started with a blank canvas, and using their individual style and creativity, developed a vision board around what they aspired to in the future, both during the coming years for their time at Santa Maria and beyond that into adulthood. They had to consider their aspirations and dreams, possible leadership opportunities, influential people in their lives, motivational quotes, the Art medium, the colours, and other forms of self-expression to come up with a final product.

It was a delightful time for the girls.

The day concluded with a very reflective prayer ceremony where the girls had time to work through the Mercy values and what they had to be grateful for. It finished with this final blessing:

New Beginnings

Embarking on a journey which began some time ago, 
How could we have imagined all those things we’d come to know.
We learned to use each challenge as an opportunity 
To overcome each problem, despite adversity.

It wasn’t always easy keeping up with what was ‘cool’
But we held on tight to our beliefs and carried them through school.
We found our voice and chose a path that honours who we are, 
And that, I think, may be, our greatest lesson so far!

For no one could be prouder of the people we’ve become, 
And that is why we’re confident that the best is yet to come.
May we never waste a moment wishing life was not unfair, 
Rather use the gifts God gave to us, to change the world out there.
Our end of primary signals us that we are on our way
So spread our wings and fly young girls, forever and a day!     

(Adapted from the poem “A Graduation Blessing” by Barbara D. MacAdam)

At the end of the school day, the girls went home, changed, and came back for a party of fun, games, friendship, music, and celebration.

Thank you to the Year 6 teachers for the tremendous effort they put into ensuring the day was valuable and successful for all the Year 6 girls.   

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