Year 6s ‘Sell It’

The Year 6 project, “Sell It” has been a great, hands-on learning experience for the girls. Students used their creativity to design a prototype of a ‘product’ to be sold at the ‘Santa Market’. Students had to use their Economics and Business knowledge learnt in HASS to consider their target audience, product features, and price to suit their buyers. They also used their persuasive advertising skills learnt in English to create a print advertisement and commercial to help promote their product to their chosen audience. The girls showed excellent teamwork and imagination.

“Our business was called ‘Pure Bliss’ and we made a body wash soap aimed at people who enjoy smelling nice. Some of our flavours were ‘Marshmallow’ and ‘Mademoiselle from Paris’. We liked making the commercial and setting up our stall. It was fun to test the product and promote our soap.” Ava Antonio, Jade Bail, Parker Brindle and Anastasia Radeski

“Our business, ‘Just Mee Lip Balms’ sold natural lip balms in small tubs. We looked forward to each ‘Sell It’ session to work on our advertisements and products. We even featured Foodies Basket in our commercial. It was fun catching up with friends, making our product and making our advertisements for people to see. Our product was quite popular.” Emily Murphy, Evie Townsend & Milla Cattalini

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