Check Shirts & Hay Bales

Check shirts and denim jeans set the scene for the Year 7 Bush Dance with Aquinas College last Friday night held at Santa Maria.

With hay bales in place, and led by the team from Humphries Dance Studio, students were taken through a series of different dances. They also learnt some old favourites like the Nut Bush. It was lovely to have the assistance of some of the Year 10 leaders from both Santa Maria and Aquinas College.

The evening was lots of fun. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to mix with the boys from Aquinas, renew old friendships and learn some dances.

Here’s what some of the students had to say:

I enjoyed the bush dance because I got to talk and hang out with my friends and meet new people from Aquinas. It was really fun to dance with my friends as well. Sarah Stopforth

 I liked how they got everyone to contribute and join in and how the dances varied so that we all weren’t doing the same thing. Rebecca Schirmer

I enjoyed the bush dance because it was a fun experience for all the students as we learnt some dances that we had never learnt before. This was a great place to meet other students from Aquinas and even other girls in Year 7. Sophie Fuchsbichler

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