Year 7 Camp 2018

The Year 7 Camp was an opportunity for our Year group to create the first of our fun memories at Santa Maria. We strengthened our ability to think strategically, communicate with others, and use our problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles during raft building and canoeing.

We spent one night at Charlies Flat camping out. We single-handedly pitched our tents and cooked our own dinner (a delicious Mediterranean pasta), but we won’t mention the powdered milk.

The second night saw us in dorms, meeting new faces and broadening our friendships. After dinner, we gathered with our Homerooms to act and narrate the life of famous women.

We were also involved in activities such as zip lining, team games, and evening meditation during which we reflected on our day.

Each Year 7 student would have taken something away from this camp; be it a memory, a new experience or learning something new about themselves.

Sophia Marra (Year 7)

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