Year 7 Camp 2020

The beautiful environs of the Nanga Bush Camp, Lane Poole Reserve, were a perfect setting for the Year 7 students to exercise their camp motto of ‘challenge by choice’.

It was wonderful to witness the girls embracing the opportunity to challenge themselves in a number of outdoor camp activities under the guidance of Homeroom teachers and the Outdoor Education Group instructors.

Of greater significance though, the camp experience gave the girls an opportunity to forge strong connections with others in their Homerooms and the wider Year group. It was a joy to visibly witness the girls get to know each other and their Homeroom teachers in a relaxed, yet challenging environment. The camp provided us with a terrific opportunity to foster the key pastoral goal of Year 7: to develop a sense of belonging.

Sincere thanks to our Homeroom teachers for their enthusiasm, dedication and unfailing commitment in delivering 24-hour care around the clock for their Homerooms. Without these key members of staff, the camp would simply not be possible: Derek Smith, Ciara Boyle, Olivia Gamble, Peter Hanbidge, Alexandra Renshaw, Patrick Thomas, Jodii White and Faith Lee. We are also indebted to Aimee Deane (Boarding) and Lil Barrie (College nurse) for their time, effort and expertise in caring for the Year 7 students and ensuring the camp ran smoothly and student health and wellbeing was maximised.

We ask some of the girls what their favourite part of the camp was, here’s what they had to say.  

Camping in the tents: the camp food, putting up the tents and sleeping in them. Samantha Johnston

Year 7 Camp was fun and full of excitement. We learnt so many new skills that we would never be able to learn anywhere else. Isabelle Monaghan

Spending time with friends. Sienna Flora

Swimming in the river. Emily Sadler

Sleeping in a tent. Mia Buswell


What A Term! So Many Opportunities – Jennifer Oaten

As I look back on the past nine weeks, I am so grateful for who we are as a community and what we have achieved. Through the dedication of our staff and the enthusiasm of our students, we have established new connections, immersed ourselves in opportunities and worked through challenges.

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