Year 7 Camp: Challenging But Fun

Camp was a great experience, with both challenging and fun activities. We enjoyed a variety of activities such as ziplining, canoeing, bushwalking and team games.

Ziplining was a fun and enjoyable activity where we got to zipline 100 metres across tall trees. Canoeing was a pleasant experience where we could go in pairs and paddle in the river with a bit of a rapid. Bushwalking was a different and challenging experience to what I had thought it would be, but we all got through it and enjoyed it. We bush walked for 2 kilometres with big hiking backpacks, swapping around on the way so everyone could have a break. We enjoyed team games that required us to work together, trust each other and overcome challenges together.

Both the dormitories and the camp out were great fun, we split up into our Houses so four Houses were in the dormitories and four Houses were at the camp out. The dormitories had four or six bunk beds in each dorm and were all upstairs, above the main hall called the Woodshed, where we had breakfast and dinner.

The camp out was quite different, we had to bushwalk to the campout and back with big hiking backpacks, on the first hike everyone was tired, but we got through in the end and got some morning tea as soon as we arrived! However, the hike back from the camp out was much better as we all sang songs and had fun along the way.

The Year 7 camp has been amazing and challenging all in one, testing our abilities in the outdoors. We all had a fantastic time at camp.

Nitya Chowdhary, Year 7

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