Year 7 Students Embrace Alternative Learning Days

While half of the Year 7 cohort were away at camp, the remaining students engaged in a series of dynamic Alternative Learning Days, enriching their educational experience. These sessions were made possible by the dedicated involvement of numerous staff members who shared their time and expertise. The students not only appreciated but also thoroughly enjoyed these opportunities, which served as a valuable extension of their learning journey.

Monday and Thursday were filled with a diverse array of activities designed to engage and challenge the students. From baking and music to dance, board games, and water sports, there was something for everyone, ensuring a bustling and fulfilling day. The afternoon was dedicated to problem-solving games and mental challenges, fostering critical thinking and teamwork skills. The day concluded with a period of meditation and reflection, allowing students to unwind and recap their day’s experiences.

On Tuesday and Friday, the focus shifted to Friendship sessions, facilitated by psychologist Diann Kerr. Students engaged in discussions about the qualities of strong friendships and explored the various dynamics of different types of friendships.

In the final session of the day, students played the Inner-Outer Circle game. This activity had the girls moving around a set number of spots, ending up face-to-face with a peer, whether familiar or not. It sparked deep conversations, allowing them to forge meaningful connections and get to know each other better. This session proved to be a real success as students found this game thoroughly enlightening and extremely fun. 

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