Year 8 Leaders Sharing Kindness

Like ripples spreading from a single stone, our Year 8 students are spreading kindness, one person at a time. The leaders recently met with Jennifer Oaten, who spoke to them about the profound impact one person can have on another. Inspired by her words, the girls have set out to make a difference.

Today, during the Year 8 Mass, the leaders shared the following message with their peers:

“As we prepare to leave, let us carry the spirit of today’s celebration with us. We encourage each of you to go out and spread kindness, not just today but always. Small acts of kindness, like offering a smile, helping a classmate, or simply saying thank you, can change the trajectory of someone’s day. Remember, your actions can create a ripple effect of positivity and compassion within our community.”

The leaders also prepared a small reminder for each of their peers to carry, encouraging them to always be kind and reassuring them that they always have the support of their leaders.

Inspired by the guidance of Mrs Oaten, the leaders hope this simple gesture will make a meaningful impact on the lives of those within our Year 8 community.

Shaping Future Leaders- Jennifer Oaten

At Santa Maria College, we believe that leadership is a journey of learning, not just a title or position. For over 80 years, our Year 12 students have been at the forefront of shaping our school’s culture through their leadership. As one cohort graduates and another takes the helm, the baton of leadership is passed, igniting the potential within each new group of young women.

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