Year 8s Building Resilience

Building resilience is an integral aspect of the Year 8 Mercy Wellbeing Curriculum. Building resilience helps us bounce back from failure, overcome challenges, and maximise our potential.

College Counsellor, Dr Kimberlee Burrows, led a pastoral session this week with the Year 8 cohort on how to build resilience in order to face challenges. The students were issued a custom-made booklet where they were able to work through a series of activities about resilience while hearing Kimberlee speak. This Year 8 Mercy Wellbeing session followed another recent presentation made by Kimberlee about overcoming ‘Perfectionism’.

What I Learnt Today

Below, some of the Year 8s share what they learned today. 

I learned in Pastoral Care Time (PCT) with Dr Burrows today the four pillars of resilience. I learned about the importance of relationships and connection, helpful thinking processes, purpose, and gratitude. I now know what to rely on when I’m feeling rigid or non-resilient. Molly Carmichael

At the resilience talk today, I learned that through tough times when a challenge arises, and I don’t know how to deal with it, I can use the four pillars of resilience: Relationships and Connections, Helpful Thinking, Purpose, and Gratitude. Paige Lagana

At the resilience talk today with Dr Burrows, I learned the importance of the four S’s to focus on whenever I need help to get past my problems. Supportive people, strategies, sagacity (wisdom & insights), solution-seeking behaviours are the four main key plans to rely on whenever I need reassurance or help to overcome my worries and emotions. I found the talk really helpful and interesting, and I can definitely use the four S’s in the future when I have any unsure emotions. Alyssa Mulgat

I learned today about resilience to never underestimate someone else’s problems because they might be going through a tough time and aren’t able to tell people what they are going through. Sofia Gotsis

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