Camp Adventures for our Year 9s

The Year 9 Adventure Learning Camp held at the beautiful premises of OEG Explorus in Karridale, Margaret River has been just that… one great big fun adventure. Blessed with ideal weather, next to the picturesque Hamelin Bay and camping in tents surrounded by nature and singing birds, I cannot think of a better way to finish our year.

I congratulate the Year 9s for bringing your energy and a positive attitude to the program where despite knowing each other well, you continue to learn more about each other, forging new friendships and deepening others. I would also like to thank the team leaders and fellow staff at Santa Maria College, for running such excellent programs in tandem with camp; Jillian Landers, Liz Van Der Zanden, Rebecca Kinsella and Majella Dennis. Having advanced through this final Year 9 rite of passage through camp, Reflection Day and the newly framed Transition Program, I am looking forward to Year 10 in 2021. The girls are certainly ready!

Student Reflections

“I found camp a very rewarding and memorable experience. When doing the high ropes, I learned how important trust is and to trust my friends more. Abseiling was challenging, as I had never done it before, but once I tried it, I instantly loved it. We developed teamwork in the low ropes and learned basic skills while cooking and cleaning.

I do a lot of camping and hiking with my family, so most of the activities weren’t new to me. Others in my group had not done as much camping but they faced camp with an open mind and found it very rewarding.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and I am so happy I was able to participate in all the activities. It was the perfect way to finish Year 9 and I am extremely grateful that it is part of the program.” Kate Creasy

“Camp was fun and enjoyable with lots of challenges along the way.” Genevieve Heinzle

“I found camp a challenging yet comforting experience. I loved the abseiling and all the new friendships we formed.” Gabrielle Goes

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