Year 9 Fashion & Design Students Get a Career Taster!

North Metro TAFE in the heart of Northbridge, recently hosted sixteen of our Year 9 Design & Fashion students for an engaging hands-on learning session. This week, they participated in the Career Taster Program, which aims to inspire secondary school students to become ‘career curious’ about further study opportunities and potential careers.

Students participated in the Fashion and Textile Design Tote Taster. While there, they designed, created, and screen-printed tote bags to take home. In the second session, students printed personalised postcards.

The program provided our students with a day filled with exploration and discovery which included a line-up of engaging activities designed to immerse them in the world of fashion and textile design.

Each session was delivered to provide practical insights into the craft, from mastering the art of screen printing to personalised postcard creation using a letterpress. Under the expert guidance of industry professionals, our students delved deep into the creative process, transforming their ideas into works of art.

As the day unfolded, students were honing their creative skills and gaining invaluable insights into potential career paths. The program shed light on various roles within the fashion industry, opening doors to post-school pathways in design, study options and opportunities for students to start their own fashion label.

Inspiring Career Curiosity

Beyond the technical skills acquired, the Career Taster Program aimed to ignite a spark of curiosity within our students. By exposing them to real-world experiences and showcasing the diverse range of opportunities available it encouraged them to explore their interests and consider the many career paths awaiting them.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

As the day came to an end, our students left with more than just tote bags and postcards. They left with a sense of purpose and direction fuelled by the passion and inspiration ignited during their time at the Career Taster Program. Armed with newfound knowledge and a curiosity for the world of fashion, they left with a future of endless possibilities.

Under this government-funded program, we have had the opportunity to apply for a variety of experiences and are hoping to have opportunities in media, photography and carpentry throughout the year.

Below, some of the students reflect on the day.

“I very much enjoyed the Tafe experience. I got to see a wide range of fashion course options I could do in the future. I especially like screen printing the tote bag that we got to bring home.” Abbey Calginari

“It was really fun. My favourite part was printing on the bags. I thought doing the stamps on our business cards was really cool. It was nice to bond with our year group and all the girls from different fashion classes.” Katie Manuel

“I really enjoyed creating the bag using screen printing because I have never seen something like that, let alone do it. It showed me that it is used in many everyday clothing we own. I also liked creating the postcards and using the ink from the machine to create text. The main thing I learned from the day is what you can do at TAFE and the pathways you can take after school if you want to go down that path. Charlotte Miller

If you’d like to know more you can contact Leana Martin, Head of Careers and Transition E: [email protected]

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