Year 9 TAFE Excursion: A Day of DIY Photography Fun!

What a fantastic day Year 9 students had on their recent excursion to the North Metro TAFE in Northbridge! It was a day filled with creativity, discovery, and a dash of old-school photography magic. Here’s a recap of their amazing adventure into the world of pinhole cameras and photo development.

The Magic of Pinhole Cameras

The day began with a hands-on workshop where each student got to build their very own pinhole camera. Armed with cardboard, tape, and a tiny pin, the students transformed these simple materials into functional cameras. It was incredible to see the excitement as everyone worked meticulously, crafting their unique creations.

Capturing Moments in a Unique Way

With cameras in hand, the students embarked on a quest to capture the perfect shot. They explored a small alleyway next to TAFE, carefully selecting subjects and framing their photos. The beauty of a pinhole camera is in its simplicity and the unique, soft-focus images it produces. Students were thrilled to see how different the world looked through their handmade lenses.

Developing the Photos

The day culminated in a darkroom session where students developed their photos. Watching the images slowly appear on the paper was nothing short of magical. It was a rewarding experience to see their hard work come to life, and the excitement in the room was amazing. Each student left with a set of unique photos and a newfound appreciation for the art of old-school photography.

Exploring Diverse Photography Techniques

In addition to their pinhole camera adventure, students engaged with four exciting photography stations that showcased different techniques. At the macro photography station, they captured stunning close-ups of tiny details, revealing a hidden world. The high-quality photoshoot station had everyone striking poses and experimenting with fashion photography, creating magazine-worthy shots. Over at the quick flash photography station, students practiced capturing action shots and freezing moments in mid-air. Finally, the high aperture station allowed them to play with long exposures, leaving light trails that painted the air with luminous art. Each station offered a new way to see the world and honed their skills in capturing it.

This excursion wasn’t just educational; it was an adventure that combined science, art, and a lot of fun. Year 9 students walked away with not only their handmade pinhole cameras and developed photos but also a deeper understanding of photography and a lot of great memories. We can’t wait for the next adventure!

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