Years 5 & 6 Classrooms Open For Parents

Brightly coloured classrooms displaying student work, greeted the Years 5 & 6 mums and dads last Thursday as the girls excitedly showed them around for Open Night.

“I liked Open Night as I could show my mum what I have learnt and what I have achieved.  Mum thinks I have done a great job and she was so pleased with the work I have been doing in my spelling,” said Sophia Vetrone

Jocelyn Hansen, Dean of Years 5 & 6 said, “They were so proud of themselves and their work. We had to do it a bit differently this year due to COVID restrictions, but this meant that each family was able to book into one of the four sessions. This also meant there was plenty of space and time to really engage with their daughters and to talk and listen to the variety of learning experiences the girls have been involved in.”

 Jayde Auret said, “l liked it as there were only a few families in each session, so there was plenty of room to show my mum and dad my work. They loved the activities we did with them around the room, and the activity they enjoyed the most was the Maths questions, as they felt they were really hard”.

“I loved Open Night because I got to display all my work to my parents. They could see what I have done, and they think I have been working really hard, and I have!” said Ariana Byrne.

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