Years 5 & 6 Father Daughter Camp

This year, the annual Father Daughter Camp was held at Woodman Point Recreational Centre. Years 5 & 6 dads and their girls participated in many different activities including:

  • rock climbing
  • archery
  • log climbing
  • raft building
  • flying fox
  • cargo nets

Some of the tasks were challenging, requiring the fathers to collaborate with their daughters and build a sense of confidence and trust. Night games included:

  • a paper plane contest
  • cheese ball throwing
  • games involving lots of toilet paper
  • an egg and spoon race
  • cup stacking and card stacking

The camp was a great success. The girls loved being supported by their dads and hanging out with them and their friends.

IGSSA Cross Country

Our IGSSA Cross Country season reached its finale last Friday. The squad’s dedication and hard work this year truly shone through!

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